2018/2019 FOPPTA School Year Successes

In case you were wondering what FOPPTA was able to accomplish with the record breaking funds raised at the 2018 Penngrove Elementary Jog-a-thon, we have answers for you!


The FOPPTA separates their budget into three categories: operating expenses, events and enrichment/programs. The two graphs below show what percentage of category funds were spent on various programs and events throughout the school year.  The heart diagram is a compilation of the new items provided to Penngrove Elementary purchased by the FOPPTA during the 2018/2019 school year.  


Thank you to everyone who made the below possible!





If you have an idea about how the funds could be better spent, please attend to a 2019/2020 FOPPTA meeting and join the conversation!  Check out our PTA meetings calendar here!