Serving on the Friends of Penngrove PTA (FOPPTA) board is an amazing experience! You get to work with a wonderful group of parents, make decisions that truly affect Penngrove Elementary and learn about a national nonprofit organization.  You can submit a nomination for yourself or a recommendation for another individual.  


Check out this video from the current board to see more of the #PennPTA fun!  


Important Dates:

  • January 31st: Nomination forms due via Google Form at

  • February 24th: Nomination committee report at 8:45 a.m. association meeting in the Multi

  • April 13th: Board elections at 6:00 p.m. association meeting in Room 3

If you have questions please contact Amy Fadeji at



Positions are listed in time commitment order from highest to lowest.  All positions listed may not be a part of the 2020/21 FOPPTA Executive Board.  Only those marked with * are required per California PTA bylaws. Full job descriptions are found at


President *

  • Acts as the official contact for FOPPTA
  • Prepares for and leads executive and association meetings
  • Collaborates with Mrs. Fadeji to share PTA information and brainstorm school events
  • Coordinates board liaisons, reviews reports and authorizes payments

Vice President

  • Assists the President with duties as needed
  • Responsible for the Penngrove PTA website 

Treasurer *

  • Tracks PTA funds and transactions
  • Pays PTA bills and reimbursement requests and ensure taxes are completed
  • Prepares and presents a treasurer’s report for every executive and association meeting 

Secretary *

  • Takes minutes at the board and association meetings 
  • Co-signs with the President authorizations for payment, resolutions, and formal letters
  • Maintains and preserves all PTA records, including minutes from meetings


  • Collaborates with the board and with Mrs. Fadeji regarding important school communications

Financial Secretary

  • Assists the Treasurer by maintaining a record of all PTA funds collected, deposited and disbursed


  • Coordinates membership drives, collects membership dues and distributes membership cards

Parent Outreach

  • Promotes and publicizes PTA news and events
  • Coordinates the Honorary Service Awards program

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Works with board and chairs to organize and recruit volunteers for PTA events and/or needs


  • Audits all financial transactions/records and presents reports to board and association


  • Captures, assembles and preserves record of activities and achievements of a PTA